Ten Poker Outlook Tips to Improve Awareness and Focus

Poker strategy is written about by every Tom, Dick, and Harry. However, in my frustration at the shortage of worthwhile poker outlook ‘heuristics’ (handy little rules of thumb), I decided to do something about it.

Bankroll with unspeakable nittiness - to avoid nitting up at the tables!

Here are ten little heuristics to improve your awareness and focus at the poker tables.

–          A good poker player is one who doesn’t get in his own way

–          You are only as good as your C-game

–          Awareness is curative (thanks to Timothy Gallwey for this one!)

–          A great poker player is one who can analyse herself without rushing to judgment

–          Experimenting and curiosity came before ‘rules’; never be bound by              conventional theory. ‘Rules’ are created after discovery through creativity.

–          You will never be great if the desire to study only arises when on a bad run

–          The only thing that truly matters is this decision in front of you, right now

–          Tilt is not entirely a bad thing; a little bit of poison strengthens the immune  system

–          We must bankroll with excessive, almost embarrassing conservatism to truly focus on the long game

–          We must prepare for even the most remote possibilities, as they are often the  most impactful



Do you agree with my ten heuristics? Let me know which are the most useful – and which you take issue with. And of course, please take a moment to use the Share buttons to spread the word.

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