10 Tips to Transform Your Heads-Up Game

Heuristics are little rules-of-thumb that can be used to simplify decision-making. In poker, where every decision is vital, it is important to have some guidelines to fall back on when tough spots come up. Here are ten heuristics for Heads-Up that will help you to make better decisions, more consistently.


–          If in doubt, take the aggressive route

–          If you never look stupid, then you are playing too conservatively

–          There is no ICM heads-up, so you are free to take thin edges

–          Never assume; make every great SNG player prove that he’s a great HU player

–          Every street provides at least one opportunity to make a great decision

–          Contesting from the button can never be a big mistake; open-folding the button                       usually is

–          You need a very good reason not to c-bet

–          The second that your foot slips off the pedal is the second that your quality dips

–          A LAG fishbowl is a tougher opponent than a TAG reg

–          The great heads-up player makes plays that she doesn’t WANT to make



How many of these heuristics do you adhere to? And do you disagree with any of them? Don’t forget to drop me a comment, or get in touch via Twitter. And hey, be a hero and spread the ten tips around Twitter and Facebook!


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