A Sport Betting Challenge!

Never one to back down from a good challenge, on Saturday I will make my first sports bet since 2010, and second since 2006. Here are the details:

Can my online poker background and Sport Psychology MSc be utilised in the world of sport betting? Can I successfully analyse the upcoming Man U – Sunderland game, and predict its outcome?

Keep your eye on this page for a short strategy video detailing the challenge I face, and the thought process behind my decision-making.

2 thoughts on “A Sport Betting Challenge!

  1. People on forums say there is no working roulette system, you can’t beat it in the long run, but i’m
    using bluehand roulette system for weeks and it earns me decent money everyday, maybe couple of weeks is not a long run, maybe i am lucky

    • Hi Tamatha,

      Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately, depending on your viewpoint!) it is mathematically impossible to beat roulette in the long run.

      Your recent success can be attributed simply to a generous slice of luck! Which is always nice, but it is not sustainable.

      All the best,


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