Heads-Up for Lols

The thing about SNGs is that they’re always evolving.  As such, I need to stay current to ensure that my coaching advice remains one step ahead of the curve. Recently, this has involved putting some serious focus into my Heads-Up game. After all, this is where the bulk of your ROI is made!  One of my main tasks as a coach is to help my students turn their second-place finishes into firsts; rule number one is to be relentlessly aggressive.

Rule number two is to be relentlessly aggressive…

Anyway, I figured it a worthy experiment to focus exclusively on HUSNGs for the last three days.  The sample size is tiny (~100 games) but that comes with coaching for several hours daily.  So far, the results have been pretty good (ROI 16.9% at $15 and $30 BIs). One thing that I have noticed that absolutely floored me is how easy it is to tilt at this format. With only three tables running (as opposed to my usual 10-15), it is so easy to sweat cards and to feel like every A8 loss to Q10 is a sick suckout.  I’m pretty good when it comes to emotional control, but after losing only three all-ins in a row as a reasonable favourite I felt the need to quit my session to cool off.  This is a pretty new concept to me! As someone who extols the virtues of clear-headed thinking and focusing on decisions, not results, keeping my sessions short, sharp and intense is the most +EV move that I could make.


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