Outlaws and Thieves

Part of my job is to trawl through the poker forums every day.  Sometimes I offer strategic advice, sometimes I learn something new, and sometimes I just laugh at the whining on BBV. However, what I have noticed of late is a real determination among the recreational players to improve their game.  Of course, this concept is not new; every professional was, at some point, an amateur just trying to get their head around this poker malarky. Recently, though, it’s been especially noticeable.  It seems as if every time I log into the Drag the Bar forums or the Team Moshman blog pages, another noob with their head screwed on right is offering focused insight into this game we love. Strategy posts, long-term goal threads, video discussion; it seems that the hunger for knowledge will never be sated.

These aren’t people who spend their time dreaming of binking the Sunday Million (although it would be nice); they are smart, realistic folk who realise that, if they put in the time and work, then they have a real shot at making some solid money at poker. Gone is the image of poker being a game for gamblers, outlaws and thieves; it has been replaced by the booksmart, analytical outlook of the new generation of poker player. As someone who makes a chunk of his income coaching others, I can assure you that the sea-change in outlook has proven most refreshing. Here’s to the next generation!

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