Whenever You Breathe Out, I Breathe In

I’ve blogged about similar concepts in the past, but as a Sit N Go player it is important to keep certain concepts at the forefront of your mind. Tommy Angelo can take sole credit for this one:

There are no hot and cold streaks. They are arbitrary creations designed by the individual to get their head around or make sense of what is happening to them. There is the current hand, and the current hand alone. We look for patterns in order to rationalise a game that, no matter how experienced we are, can always throw up a good kick in the teeth. For example, if one of my students asked today, I would say ‘I’ve run like crap this week’. However, if they had asked me on Tuesday how I was running, I would have said ‘terrific…playing good, running good. All is well!’ So these arbitrary demarcations regarding ‘streaks’ serve no purpose but to try and help us see patterns in a game that is inherently random. Poker is fluid.

Now where these ‘streaks’ become dangerous is when they start to inform your decision-making. For example, if you flop the nut-flush draw with an overcard and an aggressive opponent donks into you, your default line would be to stack it in. But today you might think ‘ach these draws just aren’t hitting for me right now, I’m going to wait til I have a made hand before I tangle with this guy’ and either call or chuck your hand into the dustbin. In this scenario, you are trying to manually reduce your variance by taking a (hypothetically) sub-optimal line and, in so doing, are allowing your completely meaningless definition of your ‘bad streak’ to have a negative impact on your decision-making. And, as I am forever telling my students, the important things are:


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