Always an Upside to a Break from the Tables

Hey everyone,

Unfortunately I won’t be able to grind much for the rest of the week, but I’m going to be coaching more. I’m at my parents’ house until I make the move from Aberdeen to Edinburgh on Sunday. My sister, her husband and their two wee girls are coming to spend time with us, which is always a delight. My brother, his girlfriend and an assortment of family friends will also be visiting, so it’s going to be a bit of a free-for-all. I find it impossible to keep focused on grinding when there is a lot of activity in the house, and the games are tough these days. Anything less than 100% focus is a leak, and so I’m going to take the opportunity to log some coaching hours and make some videos for Drag The Bar.

It is also a great opportunity for me to review my game a lot. With so many students, coaching and writing commitments it can be easy to get lazy and neglect my own improvement. Fortunately I am lucky in that I can turn to some fantastic players in Team Moshman and the wider poker community for advice anytime that I feel I’m getting a little bit stale. My HEM problems are incredibly tilting; in short, despite my various rebuilds and the help of some HEM experts, it still is randomly ignoring HHs, the HUD is volatile and the replayer temperamental. Not much puts me on tilt at the tables; the window cleaner banging away at my window and broadband/connection problems are pretty much the extent of it. I guess I can now add HEM problems to the list. All I can say is roll on PokerTracker 4!

So if you don’t see me at the tables much for the rest of the week, it isn’t because I have become lazy (well, I am lazy, but that’s not the reason!). Simply, every setback has opportunity attached; Monteroy taught me that, and he was bang on. With all this family around, things are going to be too hectic to do much grinding. However, there are tons of poker-related activities that I can instead turn my focus to in order to both improve my game and that of my students. Plus, the new records from Wilco and The Waterboys have both just been released, and they’re magnificent. It would be a shame not to give them the attention that they deserve. See you in five days!

All the best, everyone.

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