Splitting my Focus

Hullo everyone. When the Black Friday shitstorm went down I was worried; when Full Tilt ceased operations (stealing a fair whack of my money, and Team Moshman’s too) I was terrified. However, after some long and interesting chats with TM bosses Gary and Simon, I realised that some opportunities might arise from it. As I tell my students at the table, ‘never stay still’; you must keep adjusting to obstacles and circumstance. So with some help from the bosses I started staking one of my students, an experiment which went successfully. I am proud to say that he has now left the stake, having rebuilt his roll on the back of the FT situation.

I also figured that the UK would become the new hub of online poker. Our tax and legal situation is favourable, and until the fuckups in the Tory Government manage to find a way to get their privileged paws on our money then I’ll keep grinding away. Suddenly I realised that my position as an established grinder, coach, and now a strategy writer – see Poker Player Magazine, September issue – might interest some of the coaching sites. Before long I was discussing a deal with three of the major sites, and one instantly stood out.

Drag The Bar COO Hunter Bick Skyped me on Saturday evening and we talked like old friends for half an hour or more. Katie Dozier and Greg Jones (two outstanding players and TM Coaches) are already on the DTB books, and according to Hunter they took a look at my fifteen minute demo video and said ‘sign him up!’. By Monday, the deal was done and I was unveiled as a Drag The Bar SnG coach. Hunter’s enthusiasm and approachability was the key; I figured that I should go wherever I felt most at home.

So I’m diversifying a little bit; writing articles, making coaching videos, a brief shot at staking that will hopefully not be my last, and of course grinding away. When I move from Aberdeen to Edinburgh in September I am hoping to have some more writing commissions, in particular, locked up. Wish me luck.

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